Cypress in 10 minutes / @tsevdos


  • what is Cypress
  • Cypress features
  • what you can do with it
  • demo

What is Cypress

  • end to end testing tool
  • great features
  • developer friendly
  • easy to learn & setup

Features: Automatic waiting

  • commands that make sence
  • never add waits or sleeps to your tests
  • waits for commands and assertions
    before moving on
  • no more async hell

Features: Time travel

  • snapshots as your tests run
  • use the Command log to see what happened at each step

Features: the rest

  • informative and intuitive debugging
  • spies and stubs (you can even stub network traffic)
  • screenshots and videos
  • it's fast and live reloads
  • many more...

Cypress test runner

  • electron app (UI mode)
  • terminal (headeless mode)

Supported browsers

  • Chrome (Canary and Chromium)
  • Electron
  • Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer are not officially supported

Hands on test

  • Run test in terminal
  • Run test UI
  • Have a look at the project

Thank you!

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